Backed By TheThe 3M™ Manufacturer's Warranty

A Warranty Backed by One of the World's Most Respected Companies

Selecting 3M Window Films gives you peace of mind. That's because we have one of the most comprehensive warranties you can get. Prestige Series films are backed by a limited-lifetime residential warranty and a 15 year commercial warranty should your window film need replacing. What good is a 15 year warranty from a company that wasn't around 15 years ago and probably won't be around 15 years from now? Our warranty is backed from a company you know and trust.

Dealers Who Are Also Clearly Superior

There are thousands of window film dealers in the country, but only a select few have been chosen to be part of our Prestige Dealer Network. They were selected because of their ability to offer quality work, their extensive product knowledge and their ability to serve their customers to the highest standards. At 3M, we not only wanted to offer the world’s finest window film, we wanted to be certain they were offered by the world’s leading window film dealers.