Window Tinting Services

Tint Factory Solar Concepts, Inc. are experts in the design and installation of quality commercial and residential window tinting in Los Angeles, Santa Monica & the surrounding areas. Contact the window tinting professionals at Tint Factory, to know more about their window tinting services.

Residential Window Tints

UV protection, keep your floors looking new from damaging UV Rays While Reducing Heat, Glare and add Privacy.

Decorative for Commercial Window Films/Tints

“Imagination & Design” What else is there to do to your Office space to add that “Pop”!

Stand alone and be Bold with our wide variety of decorative window films.

Large Commercial Buildings

Large Buildings means Large Electricity bill’s. Window film can Reduce your footprint at the same time Employees will be more comfortable at work from reduced eye strain and cooler temperatures making them far more productive...

Tint Factory has been in operation since 1988. we have been the leader in Commercial Window Film Installations, with over 20 million sq ft of installed window film throughout Southern California.

Safety and Security Films

Certified Safety films will upgrade existing glass in situ to reinforce glass and keep dangerous shards in place in the event of breakage. The application of safety film brings regular glass up to the safety standard NZ2208 and provides safety protection to occupants.